Be Green is the leader in molded fiber packaging solutions and trusted for quality, innovation and customer commitment. 


Mission Statement

Be Green Packaging designs, manufactures, and distributes Cradle to Cradle Certified, compostable packaging for the food and industrial packaging industries.


Be Green Packaging's business model addresses the international concern of teeming landfills and poor waste management. As a progressive, socially conscious, and for-profit company, we are driven to create and offer alternatives to traditional packaging, and to educate our stakeholders, employees, suppliers and communities about their impact on the environment. Our goal is to be a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of green packaging materials. The time is NOW for everyone to do his or her part. We are committed to offering the world a simple way to participate through the responsible use and disposal of packaging in their everyday lives!

Core Values



We manufacture well-designed, high quality, industrial and food-grade packaging made from annually renewable plant fibers at competitive prices.

cradle to cradle mentality

We are committed to considering the full life cycle of our products. Our packaging utilizes annually renewable plant fibers, recycles water waste, reduces general waste, protects the environment, and returns healthy fertile soil back to Mother Earth through the process of composting, what we like to call the 'soil-to-soil' process.

commitment to our customers

We offer the most thoughtful and transparent customer experience in the packaging industry.


We provide a dynamic and open company culture that allows our core values to permeate our management team, partners, vendors and sales associates.

science & technology

We maintain and advance our product's science-based certifications annually. We continually search out the best technologies to produce raw materials that minimize the use of harmful chemicals. We develop and enhance our product's science and technology to be sustainable and evolutionary by nature.


We provide an abundance of educational information and tools to our customers to help them translate the message of the importance of sustainability and Cradle to Cradle methodology. 


We donate our energy, time, and money to the communities where we do business.

At Be Green Packaging, 

We believe being green is simply a better way to do business. The company was founded with the specific intent to provide compostable packaging that is safe for people and beneficial for the planet.

We believe business has social, economic and environmental responsibilities to make a positive difference. We're more than just a growing, global and green packaging company; we are also a progressive, socially conscious organization that educates our stakeholders, employees, suppliers and communities where we do business about the environment, packaging and waste streams.

We believe making sustainable packaging means better service and smarter business. By using natural plant fibers, we can reduce the use of petroleum-based raw materials. Our products reduce the amount of materials that end up in landfills. Providing healthy packaging is a simple way we can help our customers improve their impact on the planet every day.


BGP currently manufactures products from two state-of-the-art manufacturing facility's located in Ridgeland, South Carolina and China. Be Green is widely known for its iconic ‘Utility Trays’, which can be found in Whole Foods Markets across the world as well as the innovative packaging it has developed in tandem with Gillette for the Fusion ProGlide Razor.

Be Green Packaging currently holds environmental and social certifications from the following organizations: