People, Planet, Profit

At the very foundation of our business model, we follow triple bottom line principles and practices that encompass: our supply chain, customers, and communities; our planet and the natural world; and our role in the global, circular economy. From our pulping, to our manufacturing, to our delivery of goods, we adhere to Cradle to Cradle standards and strive to both sustain and enhance our certifications and philanthropic commitments annually.

As we grow, so does our ability to improve our methods, outreach, and impact. Be Green Packaging is a triple bottom line company dedicated to people, planet and profit. This philosophy is embedded in our mission, our goals and in how we measure our success. At Be Green Packaging, we strive to uphold the highest green standards to ensure product quality and performance.

We also consider it a priority to maintain a beneficial presence in our local and global communities. We believe our Eco-Social commitments set us apart from our competition and help build a strong foundation for our relationships with our customers, our employees and the community at large.


Cradle to Cradle

Be Green Packaging was the first food packaging company in the United States to achieve Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for our commitment to prosperity through sustainability.

A Cradle to Cradle process transforms traditional “take, make and waste” manufacturing systems into creators of goods and services that generate ecological, social and economic value. The process transcends traditional and irresponsible business practices where raw materials are extracted from the earth and ultimately discarded in landfills. Be Green has transformed this cradle to grave mentality into a closed-loop packaging philosophy.

In order to abide by this philosophy we use sustainable raw resources such as bagasse, wheatstraw, tree fibers, and kenaf. We also follow a set of environmentally responsible criteria:
    ▪    Our products are compostable in industrial composting facilities.
    ▪    Our products are unbleached.
    ▪    We operate under strict Codes of Conduct and Social Responsibility Agreements.

Biodegradable Products Institute: Compostability

In November 2010, Be Green Packaging’s molded pulp products were certified compostable by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). This certification assures consumers that our products will “biodegrade completely, quickly and safely” in municipal and commercial composting facilities. 

BPI’s label program seeks to educate consumers, manufacturers and legislators about scientifically based standards for compostable materials. Their label is easily recognizable and is rapidly becoming the national icon for compostable consumer products. At Be Green, we value our relationship with BPI and respect their commitment to a product’s closed loop life cycle.

Western Michigan Recycling: Recyclability

In 2011 Be Green Packaging’s fiber products were certified recyclable by Western Michigan University. The products tested were made from Be Green’s Bulrush™, a blend of plant fibers, and are used for both their consumer and food packaging products.

WMU’s Paper Pilot Plant has taken a leading role in encouraging food packaging companies and fast food restaurants to promote recyclability. WMU is not only helping change the industry, they are helping define the standards and procedures for certifying fiber-based products for repulpability and recyclability. Be Green is excited to be one of the first to engage in their process.

Social Commitments

Whole Planet Foundation

Be Green Packaging supports the mission of the Whole Planet Foundation through an annual donation. The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization established by Whole Foods Market that provides grants to microfinance institutions in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The institutions develop and offer microenterprise loan programs, training and other financial services to the self-employed poor. Be Green was also the founding member of Whole Planet Foundation's Ten Thousand Dollar Fund to further help empower the poor through microcredit. 

The Organic Center

Be Green Packaging makes a yearly contribution to the Organic Center to help promote their commitment to organic farming and composting education. We feel that we can learn from the Organic Center as well as add immense value to the farming community through our work with compostable packaging.


Be Green Packaging LLC believes that businesses should maintain a presence in the communities in which they operate. As part of our triple bottom line business model, we work with the local and global community to support various social and environmental causes. 

Be Green Packaging has allied itself with the Community Environmental Council (CEC), a Santa Barbara based non-profit, working to create a fossil-free community by 2033. Be Green has made charitable donations, as well as product donations. Be Green also supports Santa Barbara’s annual Earth Day Celebration.

After the disastrous earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, Be Green Packaging looked to Direct Relief International as a channel through which to provide support. Be Green is proud to have been one of the many contributors to Direct Relief’s $57 million dollars in medical aid to help the citizens of Haiti.

Be Green Packaging is also a proud annual sponsor of Santa Barbara’s International Film Festival. The community of Santa Barbara is considerably eco-conscious and Be Green is eager to help the city “live the color”™ by ensuring that public events have a low environmental impact.

Be Green Packaging employees also help those less fortunate in other communities. Beginning in 2010, Be Green employees volunteered with Corazon to build a home for a family in need. Corazon is a volunteer organization offering Baja, Mexico residents shelter, education and community. On their annual trip, employees also bring donations such as food, water, household necessities and house warming gifts for the family’s new home.


Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Since 2008, Be Green has been an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. This group helps develop a more robust environmental vision for the packaging industry through strong member support and an informed and science-based approach. Be Green is proud to support a coalition that endeavors to build packaging systems which encourage economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials.


NativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsetsrenewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. We help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain their sustainability goals. Our clients are pioneers in corporate social responsibility, including eBay, Keurig Green Mountain, Ben & Jerry's, Interface, Stonyfield Farm, Esurance, and National Geographic.


US Composting Council

The U.S. Composting Council is the only national organization in the country dedicated to the development, expansion, and promotion of the composting industry based upon sound science, principles of sustainability, and economic viability. The organization plans to achieve this mission by: encouraging and guiding research, promoting best composting practices, establishing standards, educating professionals and the public, and enhancing product quality and markets. Council members, along with composters, generators of organic residues, policy-makers, regulators, professionals, and consumers are working together in pursuit of this mission.