Be Green is now doing things with plant fiber pulp that were simply not possible a few years ago. 

All of these breakthrough technologies have been achieved without compromise. That's one reason why Be Green Packaging has grown into a worldwide global source for designers, engineers, retail and wholesale packaging professionals.

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As producers of consumer and industrial packaging, we understand the importance of getting it right. If trim cuts or molds are 1/100th mm out of spec, a launch date can be compromised. If confirmed production schedules aren't met, costs can run out of control. Be Green has a proven track record of bringing products to market under pressure to deliver on time, within budgets and spec, all without compromising workplace safety issues.


Brand managers, marketers and consumers are not only asking for, but demanding green packaging solutions. The solutions need to meet or exceed FTC guidelines, EU guidelines and retailer scorecard demands. Be Green Packaging's patent pending, natural, un-laminated fiber blend is Cradle to Cradle Certified™, BPI Certified for compostability, and certified recyclable by Western Michigan University Pilot Plant. Be Green believes in transparency and publishes an annual scorecard to update and inform stakeholders and consumers on our     environmental, economic, and social activities.    


Be Green Packaging has patent pending pulping technologies, plus the experience, resources and capacity to employ both mechanical and chemical pulping methods. These methods help Be Green form packaging that meets the demands of the marketplace. The fibers we use include kenaf, wheatstraw, bamboo, rice, bagasse, and tree fibers.                                                           


Draft angles have been a challenge for designers and engineers working with pulp for years. Be Green now has the ability to execute draft angles of less than 2 degrees. This increases your design flexibility and ensures you get the best packaging that best meets your needs.




Be Green's food service products have been reviewed and approved by an impressive roster of third-party agencies. Our packaging pulp has passed numerous audits, certifications and has received many awards. Among these is the coveted Cradle-to-Cradle Certification. Be Green believes in the importance of third-party certifications to further assure our customers of our product quality and to help build consumer trust.

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From prototypes to CAD drawings, Be Green can execute in as little as 14 days. Production tooling is fast, reliable and competitive. From our current facility in China (part of a joint venture with one of the largest publicly owned companies in the Asia), to our new USA facility in South Carolina, Be Green has the international clout and resources to offer global solutions to your packaging needs.