Be Green Packaging Products, Certified GMO Free

In order to provide its customers with the best products possible, Be Green Packaging LLC strives to maintain current and updated testing, ensuring both their product’s reliability and consistency. As such, they have completed testing with Biogenetics Services Inc, confirming that their products contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GMOs have widespread applications from medicine to agriculture, however they are controversial for many different social and environmental reasons. Agricultural effects may include contamination of non-GMO crops by genetically modified crops, thereby changing the genetic structure of a farmer’s desired variety.

Possible human health effects are also of concern. The widespread application of genetically modified crops could lead to loss of biodiversity. Social effects would likely be felt most by developing countries. GMO’s may cause these countries to depend upon the industrialized countries for their source of food. There is also the potential for our world’s food industry to become dominated by a few companies, whose interests would be partial towards the wealthier countries.

In short, genetic modification of our agricultural commodities is a very new practice. Humankind meddling with nature’s organisms could have serious, unanticipated consequences.

Be Green Packaging LLC believes that precautionary principles should be taken regarding GMOs. As a part of their commitment to consumer awareness and transparency, Be Green provides documentation of their test results to interested parties. Be Green continues to develop and enhance their product’s science and technology in order to be sustainable and evolutionary by nature. Be Green Packaging trusts that this methodology will ensure they have a final product that will help improve mankind’s relationship to our planet.