Kotuku Elixir Bar in Santa Barbara Creates Magic and Deliciousness!

Kotuku Elixir Bar & Superfood Store located in Divinitree Yoga Studio brings essence-rich Herbal Elixirs and Superfood laden drinks & meals to Downtown Santa Barbara owned by the friendly and passionate, Olly Lithgow.

Kotuku offers nutritious smoothies, snacks, teas, freshly made almond milk, coffees and kale salad bento boxes among many other seasonally changing offerings. All foods are enriched with nutrient dense substances and sacred herbs to create a wholesome and delicious meal and their to go containers are Earth friendly provided by Be Green Packaging.

Pesto kelp noodle salad, vegan, organic and all natural!

Bento Box: rice with bamboo extract, avocado, red butter lettuce, purslane, pickled shallots, cucumber with tulsi + ginger kraut. Vegan, organic and all natural! 

Mezzo middle eastern salad: Quinoa & garbanzo tabouli with raw cayenne. Topped with carrot and dulse seaweed salad. Vegan, organic and all natural!

For more vegan, organic and all natural deliciousness, check out their menu here: http://www.kotukusuperfoods.com/pages/menu

And visit Kotuku at 25 East De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805)-897-3382

Kotuku is the Maori name for the white heron, a bird that we see in stories and fables from around the world and are seen right here in Santa Barbara. The heron is a symbol of magic, much like the magic you will find in everything they serve and create at Kotuku.

For more information contact:  kotukuelixirbar@gmail.com