Climate Reality challenges the world to ask WHY? Why NOT?

Recently we posted on our Facebook and Twitter, (@BeGreenPkg) about the organization Climate Reality and their campaign to spread awareness and action around climate change and the reality our planet is facing.

Their challenge is to stir the pot with questions like:

"Why are we still burning fossil fuels that cause climate change?"

"Why not switch to clean renewable energy and protect our future?"

Our leaders have our future in their hands, so it’s time they answer some tough questions on climate change. To join this movement, create a short video asking “Why?” or “Why not?” and post it on YouTube or Instagram. Use the tags #ClimateReality  and #WhyWhyNot

You could win a trip to New York City to watch your video be presented at the U.N. Climate Summit.

Click this link for more information and instructions and check out some videos from around the world that pose some other interestingly serious questions.

Aiden in Hong Kong:

What would YOU like to ask?