Are You Contributing to Climate Change?

1. Driving a big car all over the place by yourself?

Instead, carpool, get an economy car or take public transportation or bike!

2. Idling Your Car?

Turn off your engine whenever you can. Idling just puts more pollution in the air while you are just sitting there.

3. Eating lots of meat?

So far, around 35 per cent of Earth’s ice-free land has been cleared for food production causing deforestation, biodiversity loss and water pollution, while the egregious levels of methane produced at every end of a cow contribute directly to the greenhouse effect.

4. Voting for climate change-denying and pro-oil representatives?

Your vote is one of the best ways you can take a stand for the environment so read up and make a wise choice for the Earth. We are Earth's voice, use it! 

5. Taking really long showers? 

Refer to our latest blog on the drought to learn more here.

6. Wasting Paper? 

Paper comes from trees, so don't waste it. Reuse and reduce and buy treeless products like Be Green Packaging.

7. Wasting Food?

As your dinner remnants sit with 31 million tons of other Americans' unfinished meals in landfills across the country, they product methane- a gas with 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. It's estimated that eliminating food waste would have the same impact on greenhouse gas emissions as taking a quarter of all cars in America off the road.



8. Eating out of season/local/organic?

Here is a great article about the ways you can eat to reduce climate change!

9. Using lots of power when your electricity comes from coal?

Learn more about the source of your electricity with the EPA’s Power Profiler tool.

10. Air conditioners/not sealing your house?

Control your own climate and reduce your impact on climate change as well as save money.